Top 7 – Great short dating tips

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Here are some great tips to help your dating situation:

1.) Practice your lines for a particular pick-up situation in advance. Half of the time you lose out because you can’t think of what to say fast enough.

2.) Be bold! Life is too short to puss out of situations. When you see a golden opportunity step up and be a man. Trust me you will surprise yourself.

3.) Don’t always concentrate on meeting women. Try to meet new guy friends as well. Then you will have access to all the women they know.

4.) Play games when you go out with your friends. Such as “who can talk to a girl first.” Surprisingly it works, and if it doesn’t put money on it.

5.) Take some time to analyze your conversation pieces. Too many guys talk to women about things that scare them away. Example: bad habits, ex’s, stupid human tricks etc.

6.) Don’t be negative! 90% of the time you don’t even know your doing it. Don’t complain about things when you meet women. Nobody likes a whiner.

7.) Set a goal for yourself; try to meet a new girl a day or week. It helps you realize the situation when you’re in the presence of a female.

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