The Dating Scene – Dating advice and tips

Young CoupleThe scene is your hunting ground. Know it. It should be your turf. First of all, you need to determine what kind of girl you’re looking for.


1) NIGHT CLUBS: If you can dance, this is pay dirt. Girls love to dance. No matter who it is, they like to dance (OK, 90% of the time!). This is where the game begins. Luckily, you will have an inside edge (thanks to Cherade!). When working the nightclubs, you need the clothes, the cash, and the ability to move that thing. Standing around looking cool has a high strikeout rate in this scene. If you don’t dance or hate looking like an ass, stay away from the dance scene. For a lot of guys, working up the nerve to dance is hard. When you’re at the club, take a minute to step back and look at other guys dancing. You will soon realize that they aren’t doing a whole hell of a lot. Dancing for a guy is easy. Just look at what everyone else is doing and mimic the moves. If you still don’t want to dance and insist on working the clubs, work the bar. Look for the girls that don’t appear to be having any fun and change it. You’ll write your own ticket to lovin. Meeting girls on the dance floor is okay, but it’s difficult to make a transition. If you do get a girl on the dance floor and want to get more intimate, ask her if she wants to get a drink at the bar. Then, you can start putting on the moves.


2) CHURCH:Hey, don’t laugh! These girls aren’t always as sweet and pure as they appear. Youth group was a great scene for me. Game playing here is virtually nil, and you can usually skip “the approach” and move right into how to play the one-on-one. Conversation is easier here, so you can identify their hopes and dreams and get them close to you relatively easy. Use the tactics you have learned in the approach and in icebreakers. They will help close the deal.


3) HIGH SCHOOL (not for you old guys!): Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h, school! Let the games begin! My advice is to shop other schools. This works well! Your school will require you to play a strict game, and you are already familiar with some of the rules. Girls don’t mess around a lot because they will be labeled sluts. Once you hook up with the slut, you drag her trashy label around with you. In order to work your school, your reputation must be at least decent, and you will have to get into a semi-serious relationship before you can

move on. [Note: your break-up with this girl should be at her request. This will draw some sympathy for you. Also, your “ex” is less likely to talk a lot of trash about you because she will feel as if she has the upper hand.] Maintain control, and don’t allow yourself to be surprised by any outcome. We will address this more in future articles.


4) COLLEGE, It gets a lot easier here. One of the best tricks I learned starts at the beginning of the semester. When you have a smaller class, seating is usually permanent throughout the semester. Even if the teacher doesn’t assign seats, students usually stick to the same seats they take on the first day of class. Don’t just show up to class the first day and sit down. Show up early, and wait outside the classroom. Don’t make yourself obviously visible. Act like you’re on the phone or something. Then wait for a hot girl (or a decent girl in your range) to walk into the classroom. Hmmmm! You may just want to sit next to her. This is especially important for those that have no game. You will have all semester to work on her. It’s great! If you’re a college student, you know that most classes require teamwork at some point in the semester, which provides you with another opportunity to work her over on a much more personal level.

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5) WORK:This is an easy score, but a deadly one. Remember that you work with this person, and if it doesn’t work, you’re going to have to drive her out, quit, or transfer. Keep in mind that smart girls will realize this too, and may be hesitant. Work allows you to gather a lot more information on your target, which will serve you well. There are usually endless subjects for icebreakers, and closing percentages are usually very high. Just remember the warnings above. It can get bad really fast if she gets a sour taste in her mouth.


6) BEACH, LAKE, AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: This is another big winner! Chances are, if you’re involved in these things, you will have something in common with your target. If you have toys to show off, you will have a bigger chance to score. Trolling for girls around your boat is a big winner. There’s nothing that girls, trapped on the beach, want more than to be out on the lake, river or ocean. Needless to say, your physique can assist you here if you have a good build. If not, read personal upgrades and physical fitness tips.


7) MALLS: They’re not bad spots. We all know what girls love most SHOPPING! There are some fun angles you can play here. For example, you can approach a girl while she is shopping for clothes. Then, pick an outfit you think she would look great in. (Note the size. It should be, roughly, a size smaller than you would guess she wears). Then slide up to her and state, “This would look amazing on you! I’d love to see you in it. Say tonight around 8 for dinner?” OK, it’s more of a line, but it’s funny and you don’t come across as some sleaze bag (If she doesn’t laugh, move on). If nothing else, your comments will break into some light conversation and a possible a hook up at a later date. Here you will still be using the techniques learned in icebreakers and the approach. This is just an example of an icebreaker in the mall.

8) RESTAURANTS/DINNING: This can be another fun area because you can get creative. For example, you can walk up to a table of girls and ask if one of their seats is taken. When they reply, “No”, sit down with them, introduce yourself, and order a drink, something they’ll be curious about and want to try. They’ll ask you about it, which becomes the icebreaker. The best part happens after the drink arrives. Then you drop $5 on the table and walk off. They’ll be trying to figure that one out for days! Later you can revisit them. At this point, they’ll already know that you’re different from the other guys they know. That’s what they want – mystery and adventure! An alternate approach would be to ask them if they want to dance (provided the situations supports it). Make sure you ask them all! That way, when you get on the dance floor, you can see which one likes you the most.

9) AMUSEMENT PARKS: This is yet another great place to meet women. Women are there to have fun, and they would like nothing more than to have someone new to share it with. Get imaginative, be unique, be different, be one in a million, not one in a thousand! (No one gets that line. It’s a play on words that will put you steps ahead of the competition.) It’s all a game. All we do is explain the rules, much like We give you the insider information that only the pros know.

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10) MOVIE RENTAL STORES: Looking for a movie for yourself? Maybe she is too. Maybe tonight she needs some company, but there’s only one way to find out. You don’t have anything to lose. Hell, in ten minutes or so there will be another girl walking in anyway. Shopping movie rentals could become your trademark. Make friends! Another technique to try is to ask a girl about a movie, has she seen it, is it good?


11) CRUZ’N’: If you have a nice ride, give this a go. We had many successful outings here. The best places to go are places where you can have fun with or without a girl by your side, and this is one of them. We raced, cranked our music, and fraternized with the ladies. This was a great place to be when we were in high school. Tons of people are out there, and they all don’t have anything better to do. If you put together a last minute party, you’ll be a hit! That’s where everyone usually heads after the cruz’n’ dies off. Best of all is the fact you’ll meet girls from everywhere.

The places are not the deciding factor, they simply supply an edge. It will be you that creates the mood. Soon, none of these things will matter, with practice, you will be able to dazzle women with virtually nothing. Keep reading! Answers will be here. If you don’t find it in the text, you can go to Q & A and we will answer a specific question about your situation. There’s nothing out there that we haven’t heard or dealt with before, so don’t hold back. We won’t post it if you so desire, but be sure to indicate this when you send your question. Please leave your e-mail address.

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