Pina Love as the top Asian dating app to meet Filipino women

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Pina Love – the top Asian dating app to get in touch with Filipino women

That exotic country located on over 7600 islands with the population of around 100 million people has attracted travelers for centuries. In the last two decades, the Philippines have been especially popular with Western tourists.

Quite many North American and European men strive to get to know Filipino females. Asian dating apps are the best way to contact with women from that wonderful country. Recently, Pina Love has been rated as the top platform for this purpose.

Pina Love: General description

This popular Asian dating app has over 1.27 million members together with the website with the same functions and name. The platform was launched in 2010, upgraded in 2019. The app belongs to the multiple group of local platforms as it focuses exactly on one regain – the Philippines.

Despite this specific feature, guys who single out Pina Love are from different countries. Most of them are from North America, Australia, and Europe. Filipino girls come from Manila, Davao, Cebu, and other local bigger cities.

Advice: While registering on Pina Love, men should point out what language they are ready to use to interact. Of course, English is the most preferable tongue. Nevertheless, to know some common phrases in Tagalog (one of the local widely spread languages) will be quite helpful to start friendly interaction with local women.

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Signing up procedure

The registration process on this Asian dating app is rather easy and free of charge. Future members need to single out one of the options: with their Facebook account or phone number. They then fill out two separate forms where it’s necessary to indicate the following features:

  • The member’s nickname, password, age, etc.
  • The preferable age range of the desired match
  • The phrase for the headline; it should be catchy and resourceful to attract other users’ sincere attention
  • Indication of the English and Tagalog languages abilities and education degree
  • The wish to have children or the lack of this desire.

Afterward, it’s necessary to upload an appropriate profile picture. Every new member should know that among this Asian dating app’s users they can find not only men and women but also quite many transgender people.

Advice: Adepts recommend signing up for this app only with a Facebook account. The registration with a phone number can bring on troubles as international codes are often not operated in the Philippines.

The main features

Pina Love attracts users with its up-to-date design and intuitive advanced interface. The users are provided with features that meet the latest contemporary requirements. It results in the constant rise of Pina Love members.

Users who prefer iOS or Android devices – smartphones or tablets – don’t find any differences between the app and the website. Thanks to its mobility, the app is even a lot more convenient and popular with the members.

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Free features

Like most legitimate apps, Pina Love offers both free and paid features. Every member decides which out of them to choose. As a rule, at first, most of the users select free of charge features:

  • Registration
  • Creating a proper profile
  • Launching a limited search
  • Starting sending messages with a time restriction.

Paid features

Over 90% of users go over to paid features quite soon. The reason for this step is easily explainable – they give incomparably more opportunities on the app:

  • Advanced search (by height, interests and age range, weight, etc.) without any limits
  • Protection of members’ privacy
  • Access to special lists that show users’ interest to each other
  • Unlimited swapping with messages.

When it comes to exact figures, it’s necessary to indicate prices for paid features in dollars. The cost depends on usage duration in months:

  • 24.95 dollars – one month
  • 49.95 – 3 months
  • 69.95 – half a year
  • 119.95 – one year.
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Another important feature is security on this Asian dating app. It includes not only a high-end anti-scam system but also financial data protection and restricted access to the members’ profiles for non-users.

Profiles and audience

Most profiles on this Asian dating app are filled with complete information about users. Members write not only common things like age, background, location, or education but also try to attract other users with interesting information about their lifestyle, personality traits, and other attributes.

Unfortunately, members occasionally bump into fake accounts. Some profiles have no detailed information, just some bare facts or general phrases. However, such cases are quite rare on the app.


The communication on the app is quite active. Members regularly swap messages, click on special buttons on users’ profiles to show that they added the person to favorite or just expressed their affection. The up-to-date features worked out on the Pina Love encourage users’ active interaction:

  • Numerous diverse services
  • Big users’ database
  • The constant support of the customer service
  • The user-friendly interface.

Final ideas

Although Pina Love is a local platform, it has managed to fill a decent niche among internationally recognized Asian dating apps and websites. Its popularity keeps growing. The evidence of that is a constant rise of app members.


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