One-on-one Tactics – How to seduce a girl

How to seduce a girl

Strangely, one-on-one tactics are where a lot of people lose their edge. Remember this is a step-by-step process, and this is the last bridge to cross. Stay focused and keep reading. Another important fact is that if you’re alone with this girl, you have already sold yourself, and she’s buying! Stay calm and confident and it will be a breeze.

There are two tactics at this point. Go with the one that fit you best.

Step #1 – Grab her from behind (while following her into your hide away) breath gently into her ear. If she jumps and wigs out, go to the another tactic. If not, start kissing her neck and move to Step #2.

Step #2 – If you’re at Step #2, you’re golden. Slowly turn her around and start kissing her. Remember to read her body language. At this point she is doing one of three things:

(a) She’s standing there enjoying; (b) she’s starting to work on you, meaning she starting to grab you and pull at you for more; or (c) she’s fighting it, i.e. she’s trying to continue earlier conversations or pulling away. If (a), keep it up and move to Step #3. If (b) full speed ahead! It’s time to skip #3 and go to #4. If (c), slow down and keep working. Drop down to Step #1, kissing her neck, and re-evaluate.

Step #3 – Keep it up, you’re right where you want to be. Start running your hand up and down her body just grazing her. No grabbing! Patience! If there should be any problems here, move to Step #4. If you’re still having problems, keep working Step #3 and, if it gets hectic, drop down to Step #2.

Step #4 – This is where the fun begins! Start working her chest, gentle wild Man! Graze her nipples, step up the kissing. (Be more aggressive.) Now re-evaluate. Is she at (a), (b), or (c)?

If she’s at (a), move to Step #5.

If she’s at (b), skip to Step #6.

If she’s at (c), slow it down, drop to Step #3, stay calm, stay confident.

Step #5 – Time to work under the shirt, skin on skin. If she’s fighting, drop to Step #3. That’s right! Step #3. There’s a method to my madness. If they keep it up, they will work themselves out of it and, again, you’re still looking good. If all is going to plan, head to Step #6.

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Step #6 – Time to say ‘see ya’ to the shirt. Next move – the bra. Make sure you don’t screw this up! Left hand pulls the tab towards the right side and away from her body. If you can’t get it, you’re losing serious points. I will be putting it in a video demo. You can’t mess this up! You know the drill by now. If she’s still going, you’re good. If not, drop to Step #3. Those of you who got past the bra move to Step #7.

Step #7 – You should both be laying down for Step #7. Work your head down to her chest and gently start sucking her nipples. Get both of them. Now, if you’re her, you need to decide if you want to go any further. You hold the cards. Play them or fold. Going all the way isn’t always the best way. At this point, she’s hungry. If you stop, she’ll want you that much more.

[Note: at this point you should be rubbing her over her pants with one of your hands. Jeans require some extra pressure.]

Step #8 – At this point, you have either decided to move on or you’ve been drinking. Start kissing down from her chest to her waist line, you need to be working her pants at the same time, i.e. undoing buttons and unzipping.

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Step #9 – Now slowly pull down her pants while kissing her further down as the pants come off.

Step #10 – Go down on her (finger test first). I will go into this in detail in later articles. It’s hard to give bad head so keep at it.

Step #11 – The trick here is to bring her as close as you can to climax without getting there. This way you can still work your way in and get yours. If she climaxes, she’s likely to call it quits.

Step #12 – Rub yourself around her before your get in, and work your way in slowly. This is important, for you and her.

Step #13 – Tips to the trade in further articles.


1) Give her a massage, above the clothes to start.If that is going well, have her pull up her shirt or lose it. Tickling works too, the important factor is touch, you need to find an acceptable way to gain physical contact. Once you initiate contact it is relatively easy to move forward. Keep in mind, like everything else in this process it consists of a mild degree of steps.

2) If step one isn’t working or you feel it’s still to early, talk about things of importance: religion, your dreams, ambitions, things of substance this will help open her up to you. Lay off the touching for a while. When she starts sharing you can continue with the massage and move to step #1, it’s that easy.

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