How to be perfect for your woman – Personal Upgrades

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There are endless amounts of things you can do to improve your appeal to the opposite sex. Here’s the list:

1) First things first. Who do want to be? Break him down / analyze him. The more detail you provide yourself with the better, you should accept his job, his style, his hair, his likes and dislikes. When you’re done, compare the person you are to the person you want to be. This will allow you to break down / analyze itemized differences. This in turn, will allow you to work on one area at a time and make it possible to make a transition. It’s impossible to do it all at once, and that’s why these steps are so important. This allows you to take manageable steps in the right direction. Keep this in mind when you’re reading. There will be a lot of great information ahead, so manage it as best you can.

2) Work-out. You don’t need to become a muscle bound moron, but get some size. This will improve your self confidence and appearance. I will cover this in more detail under the physical fitness section.

3) Your car. It should be unique and it should reflect your personality. This doesn’t mean you need to run out and get a Hummer or a Viper, but a tan Camery screams dull. If you have the Camery, make it unique / one of a kind. You must fight becoming one of the numbers, dance to a different drummer, take the road less traveled, live life…

4) Have a life. There is nothing worse than dating someone who doesn’t have one. You don’t want to become someone’s life focus, and they don’t want to become yours. Your relationship has no place to grow if all your experiences are shared. You must be able to have a degree of separation in your life for it to be healthy and interesting. You’ll want your partner to be able to share these new experiences as well.

5) Learn a little about everything. Women want someone who is worldly, a jack of all trades, if you will. Women look for smarts as well as looks. For example- you can meet the hottest girl of all time, but if she is as dumb as a door knob, there is only so much you can do with her before you go mad!

6) Sports. If you are still in school this can be a major advantage. The social pipeline that comes with it is a gold mine. There are many other advantages as well that are learned on the playing field. The greatest asset when involved with sports is teamwork, then camaraderie. I’m sure you can list a dozen yourself. The point is that sports is a valuable tool in a individual’s growth.

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7) Tattoos. Hey most girls like them. Just make sure they are things you want to look at when your sixty. There should be a story that goes with them, and they should help identify who you are. Don’t rush into this one. Tattoos will only accentuate you; they won’t transform you. They are just another sign / symbol of who you are. They in themselves are nothing without a strong character to guide them.

8) Languages. The more you speak, the cooler you are. I don’t know what to tell you. There’s just something sexy about it. The knowledge of these languages display so much more than the speech itself. It paints a degree of culture, world travel and adventure, as well. Languages have a way of casting a whole new light on a person. The minute they hear you are bilingual, they will instantly gain a new respect for you.

9) Everything you own should reflect something about you or who you want to be. There should be a story behind everything and it should a play a role in the story of your life. Odd trinkets and antiques are usually items women will question and admire. Remember, its all about creating an image of who you want to be and slowly filling those shoes. What kind of things would this person possess?

10) Hang out with people that you would like to be; their success will rub off on you. You are a product of your environment, whether you want to be or not. You will pick up some of this knowledge, interests and ideas. This new information will go on to fuel new ideas of your own and will help you in completing your image.

11) Read anything. It will help develop your character and give you depth. You should always strive to better yourself. You will live a richer and fuller life. I promise! I have been around the world twice. I have experienced a lot of what the world has to offer and I still feel I can do more. This site was just one way I made myself climb to the next level. The next step is to build the car of my dreams…….. myself. Stay hungry. Your thirst for life will be seen by everyone you encounter. Men will want to be like you and women will strive to be with you.

12) Culture yourself. Try new foods. Visit different places, even if its a town fifty miles away. Stay there for the day to take it in. Remember, you’re a tiny piece of this world. Be instrumental. To quote Renee Descarte, “All I truly know, is that I know nothing.” no one can know all there is to know about everything. You usually know a great deal about only a few things, That’s why our team created Cherade. This is the area my colleagues and I understand.

13) Watch movies that are inspirational, especially the ones on our list. They’re all good, however, there are some inspirational ones that are not on the list because they have little or nothing to do with meeting women. One in particular is “The Shawshank Redemption”, an amazing movie about a man’s triumph over unbeatable odds. Another for me was “Rules of Engagement” this hit home for me. I was a Marine in Somalia, and a lot of what happened in that movie and in “Blackhawk Down”, I could identify with. They use honor and camaraderie, and these two things have always played a big role in my everyday life. If you are so inclined, I will be more than happy to address any questions concerning the military. I was a machine gunner for the Marines, my middle brother was in the Army (artillery), the youngest guards a submarine base and is a Marine as well. So you can get the straight scoop the military here too.

14) Live for the day! (another great movie, “Dead Poets Society”) You never know when it will all be over, don’t put off your dreams. There’s time in the day to move towards your goals, all you have to do is put down the remote, cut down your gaming time and you can make it happen. I could be playing 1942 right now but instead, I’m here plugging away on this keyboard. Sharing the things I had to learn the hard way so other guys can take the fast track to happiness.

15) Watch Clint Eastwood movies, I shouldn’t have to explain why, he rocks! I’m listening to Unforgiven right now while I work, how’s that for inspiration. Eastwood is a mysterious observer, waiting for the perfect time to make his move (more times than not). In his westerns primarily, you find him using the steps in the approach to size up the situation before going in half cocked. There are lessons everywhere, you just need to take the time to see and hear them.

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16) Spend time with old people. If you’re lucky enough to still have your grandfather around, sit down and talk to him about what times were like when he was young. You’ll learn a lot and just wait and see how girls will react when they hear about this experience. The girl part is just a bonus here, there’s real value to find out about the past. As the saying goes “those ignorant of the past will be forced to repeat it”. You will also see that something’s haven’t changed that much and their experience may help you with issues you face today.

17) Take care of a pet, this will teach you a lot about dealing with people in life and with dealing with women. A lot of the techniques are the same, women and animals both need the same things; patience, love, understanding, attention and care. This is one of those steps you need to focus on, don’t attempt to juggle to many things while attempting this, it is a big job.

18) Make something, it could be a painting, a car, a tool box, a meal, it doesn’t matter but create something. The sense of accomplishment is amazing, any fool can run to the store and purchase an item of interest. A man of substance can evoke greatness out of nothing (this is a reach, but you can see where I’m going). It is just another step in creating depth to your character.

19) Take chances, gamble, invest, but put it on the line every now and then. It keeps you alive, living responsibly is great, but you’ll always regret those chances you didn’t take and it usually involves women. This doesn’t mean you need to throw caution to the wind, It means that you need to balance passion with reason. It’s about the balance, I don’t believe I can print it better.

20) Lower your walls, we have all been taken advantage of at some point in our lives. The thing you must remember, is that in the morning you’re still the good person and what goes around comes around, they’ll get there’s. Lowering yourself to the unscrupulous behavior of others will just destroy the possibility of you living your life to its fullest. Revenge is sweet, I know, but it rarely makes things better.

21) Identify your strengths and weaknesses, you will never evolve into something better without this step. We all have them, the problem with most people, is the fact that they never take time to really know themselves. They spend their time finding things and people to blame for their failure and never realize the real events that lead to their failures. The knowledge of yourself will make you very powerful, it forces you to deal with realities and improve on them. The longer one lives in the dark, the more inclined they become to stay there.

22) Buy a motorcycle, a high percent of women love them. Make sure you practice riding someone on the back before taking her out. You’re trying to impress her, not kill her. Motorcycles are a universal sign of freedom and are the single biggest icon of the rebel. Not to mention the fact that they are fun as hell, dangerous as hell to boot. Important note with motorcycles is it’s not if you go down, it’s when you go down! You will, I’ve been down 4 times, once at over sixty with no helmet. Yes, I know I’m lucky or blessed.

23) Listen, this is the only way to learn anything about anyone or anything. You don’t learn very much when your rambling away. This is also a good tool in judging people, most people feel in control if they are the ones talking, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When they’re talking you’re the one learning and picking up their strengths and weaknesses. The one asking the questions is truly in charge of how the conversation will develop. You must practice to refrain from dominating the conversation and noting information revealed during this period. If you can develop this you will be able to analyze this like you do in the approach.

24) Travel, even if it isn’t far away. Going to new places and meeting new people will help you interact with strangers. After all, that’s what you’ll be to most girls you approach, so learn that role. Get comfortable in places outside of your comfort zone, that’s the key here.

25) Learn about wine, I swear there’s almost enough information on wine to be able to major in it. You don’t need to know all the in’s and out’s, but have a general understanding of it (i.e. what wines go with what foods, this will impress women).

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