How bad is it to ghost after 1 hookup if you’re taken or introverted

There are still some old-fashioned romantics among us, and we often want to be polite with our casual partners. However, the circumstances can be very different and there’s no point to feel guilty.

  • The statistics say, at least ten percent of hookuping people are taken. It means, they want to hide their casual affair and it’s totally natural they would ghost after one hookup.
  • The feeling of shame or shyness isn’t rare. It can be connected with the extreme openness during sex, with one’s introverted nature, or the young age. It’s a good reason to ghost.
  • Was your hookup awkward in any way? Maybe there was anti-chemistry due to unwaxed body parts or other unexpected flaws. Do not worry, you have the right to ghost after.
  • If a person showed any commercial intentions, from scamming you to appearing to be a professional escort, do not hesitate to ghost on them right after. No one would judge you.
  • Does it still hurt after your breakup? You aren’t obliged to be nice to your hookups. Act the way that feels ok to you.

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