A hookup you really regret – How to overcome bad casual sex experience

By statistics, a lot of people have regretful feelings about their hookup and especially their first hookup. This bitter feeling should be overcame depending on the reason that caused it.

Not being desired

There’s no chance for real passion in casual sex, since participants are often driven by alcohol or light drugs. And even if not, the main purpose is to have fun with just any available single around.

No wonder a person feels empty and underestimated after, which especially comes to girls. There are actually workshops and private sessions aimed to raise one’s self-confidence.

Many of them are held online and free. The Youtube itself offers a lot of healing videos with the hookup dating advice about skipping the negative experience. Try some of those.

Having a crush on hookup

It often happens we get emotionally attached to our casual partner. Then it’s much harder to overcome the fact he or she wasn’t serious at all. Dedicate a qualitative time to your self-development.

Only this way, you can discover your best sides and make sure you’re worthy of good things.

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